best practices when getting a car towed

2 Things To Check On Your Car Before Calling A Service To Have It Towed From Your House To A Mechanic's Shop

If your car needs extensive repairs and you have already scheduled an appointment with a mechanic to have it worked on, you may be unable to or are not comfortable driving it to the shop. Because of this, you may be planning on calling a service to have it towed.

Before you make the call, however, you will need to gather some information besides the car's make and model and where you will need it towed. Below are a couple of things on the car itself that you should check before calling a service to have it towed from your house to a mechanic's shop.

1. Check the Air Pressure in Your Tires to Make Sure They Are Fully Inflated

One thing that you should check on your car before calling the towing service is the air pressure of the tires. The tires should be fully inflated to their recommended air pressure to make it easier to hook up and tow your car as well as to prevent damage to the rims.

If the tires are not inflated and you do not have an air compressor at your house, let the towing service know this when you call to make your appointment. They will then know to bring an air compressor so that the tires can be inflated before they load up your vehicle.

2. Look at the Undercarriage of the Vehicle to Make Sure There Is No Excessive Rust

Another area to check on your car before having it towed to a mechanic is the undercarriage of the vehicle. While conducting your inspection, look for any areas of noticeable rust or holes from the corrosion.

When you speak with the towing service's representative, let them know the condition of the undercarriage so they know what type of truck to send. If there is no rust, they will usually send a wheel-lift tow truck. If rust is present and the wheel-lift truck could damage the undercarriage, they may opt to send a flatbed truck

Before you contact the towing service, make sure your tires have full air pressure to ensure that your car can be towed or mounted on the truck safely without damaging the rims. You should also check the undercarriage for rust and let the tow service know what you find so that they can choose whether to send a wheel-lift tow truck or a flatbed truck. If you have any further questions, contact a towing service in your area.