best practices when getting a car towed

How to Make Your Towing Service Stand Out

A successful towing service company has loyal clients that make it survive longer in business. You also bring in new customers to expand your market segment. The best hack to customer attraction is product differentiation. If you are struggling to achieve this, try the following strategies:

1. Widen Your Services

Your towing service company misses out on clients stranded on freeways when you provide limited services. Therefore, broaden the scope of your towing services. To be safer, offer all towing services and avoid specialization.

Your ideal towing customers are usually stranded drivers who require urgent and diverse towing services. So, don't choose to offer a few towing services because you'll miss potential clients. A stranded client will always prefer to call an auto towing service expert who understands every technicality in the field.

2. Partner With an Auto Insurance Company

You quickly get towing clients through auto insurance companies when you enter into a partnership with the company. Your end goal is to beat your competitors in the stiff towing services market. Your partnership with an auto insurance company guarantees your towing company direct referrals.

Ensure that your partnership stipulates that the insurance company's clients can claim compensation after your towing services. This provision will make it easier to convince auto insurance companies. Also, provide your qualifications and supporting testimonials. In addition, you'll find this arrangement is mutually beneficial. Thus, you won't take lots of convincing to strike a deal.

3. Get Several Towing Contracts

Since you need a steady supply of towing jobs, one partnership with auto insurance companies won't suffice. To stay on top of your competitors, get more auto towing service clients. Your towing service company will gain more from several towing contracts.

You can get additional towing contracts from the following places:


There is always a significant need for towing services in cities. Municipalities hire tow truck companies to handle abandoned or illegally parked vehicles. Sometimes cities need auto towing services when accidents leave wrecks.

Police Departments

Law enforcement is another option for your tow truck company. You can provide these departments with auto towing services for impounded vehicles and when cars are left on highways with no owner.

4. Brand Your Company's Tow Trucks

No matter how much effort you put into contracts, clients need to know your business. Your brand will get you auto towing clients from everywhere within your locality. Therefore, choose a visible logo and paint a distinctive color on your tow trucks.


Your main goal as a towing service company is to offer quality towing services and consequently increase your revenue stream. Therefore, always increase your customer base to stay competitive by using the above tips.