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Moving Heavy Equipment Safely And Efficiently

Using heavy equipment in your business often means moving it to a site or location where it is needed. Heavy equipment transportation can be very involved and challenging, so working with a service specializing in moving large machines is often the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly and the equipment gets where it needs to go.

Finding The Right Transport Service

When looking for a heavy equipment transportation service to move your equipment, you will need to find one to handle the equipment size and weight. If the machines you are moving are extremely heavy or very wide, long or tall, the method of moving them and the permits involved can be critical. 

The transportation company you are using needs to be able to handle the equipment, but they also need to know the laws surrounding a large move. Finding a transportation service that has experience with equipment of similar size is essential, which may mean calling several services to find the right one for your move. 

Routes And Permits

When moving heavy equipment through specific areas, you may find that the permit you need to move the weight also specifies certain routes you must use. Planing the trip so that the truck and equipment can get to the new location is critical. 

Many heavy equipment transportation services have a logistic planner on staff for just these occasions. The planner will go over the limitations specified in the permit and set the route before moving the equipment. 

If escorts are required or police assistance is needed, they will also make those arrangements for you. When the move is planned correctly, it is often easier and less stressful for everyone involved. Still, even the best-planned trip can run into unexpected issues, so hire a transport service that is flexible and can adjust the route or deal with sudden changes quickly and efficiently. 

Often moving equipment through small towns or over back roads to remote sites can mean dealing with narrow roads, low wires, trees, or other vegetation that the truck driver must avoid. While there is no way to plan for a tree hanging over a road, dealing with it quickly and keeping the load moving should be a priority for the heavy equipment transportation service.

Moving Costs

When hiring a heavy equipment transportation service to move your machine, the price you pay for the service can vary greatly. The distance you are moving equipment, the size and weight of the machine, and any special requirements can considerably impact the service's price. 

Sit down with several transport services and discuss the equipment move before you choose one. The least expensive one may not always be the best option, but a competitive price is essential, so weigh your options carefully before hiring a service to move your equipment.