best practices when getting a car towed

The Benefits Of Investing In Roadside Coverage With 24/7 Towing

When you buy full coverage insurance for your vehicle, you may be given the option of adding roadside assistance to it. It can be easy to assume that your newer vehicle will never break down while you are driving. You may also want to believe that you are a cautious driver and will never become involved in a wreck. 

However, you may not want to gauge your car's integrity or safety solely on its age or your driving prowess. Fortunately, you can meet any emergency behind the wheel by purchasing roadside assistance that includes 24/7 towing services.

Towing During Bad Weather

When your car hydroplanes off the highway or slides into a median during inclement weather, you worry that you are stuck there until the weather clears. However, when you purchase roadside assistance with towing from your insurer, you can call your insurance company and request a tow right away.

The towing service that your insurer contacts on your behalf can immediately dispatch a wrecker to wherever your car is stuck. The towing company has drivers on call around the clock, especially during bad weather, to assist drivers who get stuck or hydroplane off the road because of heavy rainfall or snow.

Long Distance Towing

You can also use this towing service when you are far from home and experience car troubles. The towing option with your roadside assistance may allow you to have your car towed to the next biggest city. From there, the towing company can transport your car to a mechanic's shop where it can be repaired quickly.

The towing company may also give you a ride to the mechanic's shop along with your vehicle. With their help, you avoid having to remain on the side of the road or hitchhike to the next city.

Gas Delivery

A towing service can offer more than tows during roadside emergencies. It can also provide you with gas if you run out while driving. If your tank runs out of gas, you can call your insurer, which will, in turn, hire a towing company to come to where your car is stranded and bring enough gas to get you to the next service station.

Towing can be an important service to add to your roadside assistance coverage. These companies can help you during inclement weather. In addition, they can also tow your car to mechanics' shops for repairs and deliver gas when you run out of fuel. Contact a towing company to learn more.