best practices when getting a car towed

Essential Steps to Follow After an Auto Accident

Car accidents, whether minor or major, can be hectic and stressful. Other than damaging your vehicle and getting injured, your schedule will be thrown off. You will need to get medical help to deal with the injuries, confirm if others have been wounded, and take note of damaged properties or vehicles. 

You may also need to seek accident towing services and get an alternative means of transport if your car is wrecked. As such, it's crucial to make smart decisions when you find yourself in this predicament. Here are tips that will guide you accordingly.

Determine If You or Others Are Injured

After an accident, the first thing you should do is to determine if you or anyone in your car got injured. Take note of any unusual feeling, including a minor headache or backache. Then, verify if those you were riding with are safe or injured too. Seek medical help right away, and be sure to share key details about how you feel so everything can be documented.

Safeguard the Accident Scene

If you aren't injured, you should consider protecting the scene to prevent more accidents. This is accomplished by setting the flares up or keeping your hazard lights on. In case the accident occurred at night in the middle of nowhere and the lights do not work, you should use a flashlight to protect yourself as you wait by the roadside or in the disabled vehicle.

Contact the Authorities

Most people tend to ignore this step, particularly if they aren't severely injured or the vehicle isn't damaged. However, it's always good to involve the police. You may be asked to provide a police report by your insurance company to get compensated. Do not call a towing company before the police get there — the vehicles need to remain there unless they interfere with the traffic.

Take Some Photos

Documenting everything after an accident is crucial. It's not uncommon for the involved parties to lie about the accident when talking to the insurance agent or police. People often do this to get more benefits from the insurer or to avoid paying for damages. If you choose to take photos and videos of the scene and injuries, you'll make things easier.

Seek Towing Service

Your vehicle also needs to be taken care of after the accident. Depending on the crash you were involved in, you can opt to drive away or request emergency towing. The professionals will show up within the shortest time possible and examine your car to determine the best towing technique. Then they will tow the vehicle to the destination of your choice.