best practices when getting a car towed

4 Reasons Your Car Will Not Start & How A Towing Company Can Help

If you find yourself sitting with a car that will not start in a parking lot, or even worse, in the middle of the road, you are going to want to call a towing company. They can help you determine why your car will not start and provide you with the right support.

1. Dead Battery

If your car is parked, a likely reason your car will not start is because of a dead battery. A dead battery is generally caused when a light in your vehicle is left on for too long.

However, you may also have a dead battery if it has been a while since you started up your vehicle, or if it is extremely cold outside and you have an older battery. If your battery is dead, a tow truck company can send someone out to jump-start your vehicle. Some tow truck companies have little portable devices they can use to jump-start your vehicle.

2. Bad Starter

If your car is parked and isn't starting, you may have a bad starter, not a bad battery. Signs that your starter is bad, not the battery, is a clicking noise when you try to start your car. You may also see smoke when you try to engage the engine. If you have a bad starter, jump-starting your car is not going to get you going. A tow truck driver can tow you to your preferred auto body shop.

3. Clogged Fuel Pump

Your fuel pump should give you some signs it is going out before it fails on you. You may experience engine sputtering at high speeds, and you may experience surging when you are driving. However, if you don't address these issues when they occur, you may eventually experience your engine failing to start.

This could happen when you are trying to start up your car. It can also happen when you are driving your car; your vehicle can stop because it is not capable of getting fuel to your engine. In this case, you are going to need to have your vehicle towed.

4. Out of Gas

Finally, your vehicle may not start because it is out of gas. If your vehicle is out of gas, a towing service can bring a gas can with a few gallons of gas in it. They will pour the gas into your vehicle, and even advise you on where the nearest gas station is so you can get your vehicle to the gas station without any issue.

If your vehicle will not start up, contact a towing business. They can provide you with a jump-start if you have a dead battery, provide you with gas if you run out of gas, and give you a tow if you have a bad starter or if you have a clogged fuel pump.