best practices when getting a car towed

Did You Buy A Vehicle That Doesn't Run? What To Know When You Need A Tow

If you are purchasing a vehicle that needs repairs and you know that it doesn't drive in its current condition, paying for a tow is worth the expense if you are getting a good deal on the vehicle. You may even have some towing perks you don't realize to help cover the cost.

Vehicle towing doesn't have to be overly expensive if you find the right company and explore all your payment options. Consider these things when paying for the tow.

Get Quotes

To get an accurate quote for the tow you need to have these details ready to provide to the dispatcher or sales professional:

  • Model and make of vehicle
  • Weight of vehicle
  • Distance for tow
  • The day when a tow is needed

The towing services in your area may all charge differently when they are determining the cost for the tow you need. With a few quotes, you can determine the best price.

Split the Cost with the Seller

If you are worried about the costs ask the seller if they want to pay for a part of the bill. Since they are selling the vehicle and it doesn't work, they may be willing to do this to make the sale. They also may be willing to take the towing amount or their half off the sale price of the automobile.

Inquire About Credit Card Perks

Some credit cards have perks like vacation discounts, free towing, and other benefits. See if any of your cards have any of these benefits you have not been taking advantage of. This can also come with other insurance policies.

Talk with Your Auto Insurance Company

Just because you do not have towing on your current plan doesn't mean you can't add it to the plan you will have on the vehicle you are buying. Ask about getting the vehicle covered and adding it. The monthly towing benefit may be a fraction of the cost of the tow, and then you will have the coverage later if you need it.

If you are wondering how you can get the cost lowered on a tow, these are a few of the different options you are able to consider. Talk with the local towing companies to see who has the most competitive quote, who can do the tow when you are ready to finalize the sale of the vehicle, and to get the vehicle into your possession. Contact a company near you to learn more about vehicle towing services.