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Did You Purchase A Large Watercraft? Haul Your Huge Boat With A Semi Truck Towing Service Today

If you are ready to purchase a large boat and you know that a regular truck can't haul the watercraft, you will want to find the right type of towing company that can do the job. Not all tow companies will offer the same type of services or be able to haul heavy freight.

There are a lot of complications that you can come across if you don't hire professionals. Find a semi towing company that uses semi-trucks for all their heavy hauls and a company that can go the distance if you have to pick this up hours or states away from where you currently are.

Find a Semi-Tow Truck Company

One of the easiest ways to haul the boat is to find a towing company that uses semi-trucks for their hauls. The semi will have the horsepower to haul the boat hundreds or thousands of miles.

The company will also have drivers that are licensed to drive the semi-trucks, so you should feel confident while your new boat purchase is being hauled. Ask the company these questions:

  • Cost based on weight of haul and distance traveled
  • Insurance coverage through the hauling company
  • Timeline for the job

Once you compare the costs of a couple different companies you can find out what the average estimate and expenses are for this type of haul and what you'll need to pay.

Insure the Boat Properly

Just because the semi tow truck company has insurance to protect their own liability issues, doesn't mean it will be enough to cover the value of your boat. You may want to insure the boat for storage and hauling coverage, even if it isn't going in the water any time soon. The company should have their own coverage for worker injury claims and similar complications that could arise.

You will have to do some research to determine if it's cheaper to use a company where you are from and have them go pick up, or if it's more affordable to use a company where the boat is at. Don't leave this job to the amateurs to try to save some money.

Find the right type of company that is licensed and insured to haul a large boat like what you have purchased, and then add your own insurance if needed. This way while the boat is in transport you won't have anything that you need to worry about.

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