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Protecting Your Equipment During Heavy Equipment Transport

The goal of any heavy equipment transportation company is to get your oversized equipment and materials from one point to the next in good condition. However, inclement weather, accidents, and a variety of other elements can sometimes interfere with the company's plans to accomplish this goal. Did you know that you can help? Learn about some of the things you can do to help protect your equipment and materials even more.


Any professionally licensed transportation company will have insurance to help cover the cost of any accidental damage to the loads they are responsible for. However, if your equipment is of extremely high value, it's a good idea to get some further information about the type of insurance they offer. 

In the event the coverage the transportation company already has in place is not enough, there are additional steps the company can take to protect your equipment, but it's typically up to you to provide the company with information as to the value of your equipment. Typically, this information is included in your contract, but if not, don't hesitate to ask.


It's always a good idea to check the manual of any large machinery you plan to have transported to further minimize the risk of damage. Typically, within the manual, you will find specific instructions on how to prepare the equipment. For example, the manual might require that the engine is emptied of any fluids, that some exterior features are removed, or that you remove the battery.

The transportation company will have much of this information, as they have experience moving the equipment. However, if you perform many of these steps beforehand, it will make the transport process much easier and smoother. 


Heavy transport companies all have training in moving oversized equipment with unique needs. However, it's important to also note that what differentiates many of these companies from one another is the fact that they all have different areas of expertise. For example, there are some companies that deal primarily with large constriction equipment, such as tractors and cranes.

Then there are other companies that primarily transport heavy construction materials, such as large beams. While any professional company can transport your load, partnering with a company that has direct experience with the type of equipment or material you need hauled is always a good idea.

Again, a professional transport company is in the business of protecting your equipment and materials. Rest assured you are in good hands. 

For more information, contact a heavy equipment transportation company in your area.