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Older Car Not Acting Right? 3 Signs It Is The Carburetor

If your older car is not driving like it normally does there could be many things wrong with it. One of these things is the carburetor. In many cases, carburetors are no longer used in newer cars, but older cars still have them. To help you know if you are having this problem, below are three signs your carburetor is failing so you can get it repaired now before things get worse.

Bad Engine Performance

If your car does not seem to have the same amount of power that it used to have, a failing or bad carburetor can cause this to happen. This is because the carburetor delvers and measures a mixture of air fuel to the engine. This air fuel is required for the engine to run at peak performance.

If your carburetor is going bad, you will not only have less power for your car, but you also may notice you are getting gas much more than normal and the acceleration is sluggish.

Smoke from Exhaust

If you have smoke coming from the exhaust, especially if the smoke is black, this is also due to a bad carburetor. This is because the engine may use too much fuel and the excess fuel burns off resulting in black smoke. This will eventually burn up the carburetor and you will have to replace it.

Black smoke coming from your exhaust is also bad for the environment, and you will likely be stopped quickly if you drive your car like this. If the smoke is very bad, you will breathe it in while driving and it will affect other people near your car.

If you are driving and you all of a sudden start having this problem and there is a lot of smoke, pull over and call a tow truck. They can come pick up your car and take it to a mechanic in the area.

Hard to Start

If you are having a hard time starting your car, the carburetor may be the culprit. Because the air fuel is not correct in the engine, this makes it much harder for the engine to warm up. This means if your car has been sitting, meaning if it is cold, it will take you much longer to get it started.

In some cases, your car may start better if the engine is warm. This does depend on the severity of the problem with the carburetor.

Take your car to a mechanic if you are having any of the above problems. If you do this now, the mechanic may be able to repair the carburetor instead of replacing it. This can save you a lot of money. Also, the carburetor may be very dirty. If so, the mechanic will clean it to see if it starts working well again for you.

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