best practices when getting a car towed

Tips For Staying Safe At Night While You Wait For A Tow Truck

If your vehicle broke down at night while driving on the highway, you may have already called a towing service and are waiting for the truck to arrive. While you are waiting on the side of the road with your car, use the following tips to ensure that you stay safe.

Make Your Car as Visible as Possible

When your car is on the side of the road at night, the drivers of other vehicles on the road may have a hard time seeing you. If someone were to pull into the shoulder while your car is there, you run the risk of being seriously injured and having your car severely damaged.

Right after you call a towing service like Darryll's Towing, do everything you can to make your car as visible as possible. If you have flares, reflectors, or cones, set them up several yards to the front and rear of your car. If your car is on a sharp turn, place an indicator at the beginning of the curve to alert other drivers.

If you do not have anything you can place on the road to signal your presence, turn on your hazards and headlights. Also, turn on your interior lights as well, as this can help illuminate your vehicle even more.

Stay in Your Car While You Wait

Once you have taken steps to make your car as visible as possible to passing vehicles, get back into your car and lock the doors. While you may be tempted to stand outside of your car, you are much safer inside for a couple of reasons.

First, if another driver did not see your warning signals that you are in the shoulder, they may not see you or your vehicle until the last minute. If they veer off and you are standing beside or behind your car, you may be struck.

Second, staying in your car with the doors locked can help protect you from passersby that may stop to help but do not have your best interests in mind. If you are in the vehicle when they stop, you can simply tell them through the window that help is on the way and that you do not need any assistance. 

Using the above tips can help you stay safe while you are waiting for the tow truck while you are broken down on the side of the road at night. For more detailed instructions on what you should do, speak with the towing service when you call to receive personalized guidance.