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2 Ways Your Local Towing Company Can Help You Beyond Towing

Many people don't realize that towing companies can help you out with a lot more than just towing your vehicle. Towing companies can help you do a lot more than just tow your vehicle; they can help you out with a wide variety of different vehicle related issues. When you find yourself experiencing a vehicle-related emergency, and you are not sure where to turn, call your local towing company.


One of the biggest services that your towing company can help you with is a lock-out. If you lock your keys inside of your vehicle, your towing company can come out and help you get back into your vehicle. Tow truck drivers are trained in the locksmith art of getting into vehicles. They know how to get into your vehicle without damaging the lock or the door frame. When you are locked out, you want to call a tow truck driver or a locksmith; they are the two trained professionals who can get you back into your vehicle without damaging your vehicle.

Dead Battery

Dead batteries can happen when you leave the radio on, leave a light on in your car, or fail to shut the door all the way. Dead batteries can also happen because the battery is getting old and is losing its ability to recharge.

When a dead battery happens, you really can't go anywhere. Unless your vehicle is in the right position and you have jumper cables, it can be difficult to jump start your vehicle as well. Even using jump cables, the vehicle you hook your car's battery up to has to be really strong in order to jumpstart your vehicle.

A towing company can bring a portable battery to jump start your vehicle. A portable battery is really strong and can help jump start your battery no matter how low it is. A portable battery can also be used no matter where your vehicle is located; a car doesn't have to back-up to your vehicle.

If your battery really will not start, a tow truck company can also go and purchase a new battery for your vehicle, bring it back to you, and help you swap out your old battery for a new battery. You will have to pay the cost of the battery and may have to pay an extra installation charge, but when you are really stuck in a jam and your vehicle will not start, a towing company can either help restart your battery or get you a new one if that doesn't work!

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