best practices when getting a car towed

Stranded On The Side Of The Road? What Commuters Should Know

Whether it happens on a busy freeway or quiet country road, a mechanical failure that causes your vehicle to become stranded is not a pleasant experience. In addition to making you late for work or disrupting other plans, being stranded on the side of the highway can be stressful, or even dangerous. This is why it is important that every driver be able to do a quick evaluation of their vehicle, and determine if the problem can be solved quickly, or whether it is best to call a reputable tow company immediately. 

The vehicle dies and coasts to a halt

When a car engine stops running or loses power when accelerating, it is often caused by an issue with the fuel delivery system. For example, a vehicle that runs out of gas will often chug or shudder a few times, before the engine dies. Attempts to restart the engine will usually result in either total failure or an engine that briefly starts and then dies.

If the problem is caused by an empty gas tank, and you have a spare container of gas in your vehicle, putting it into the gas tank may be the fastest way to get back on the road. However, if you do not have any spare fuel with you, calling a relative, friend, or tow company immediately will be the fastest way to get back on the road. 

Cars that are not out of gas can also act this way, if the fuel filter has become clogged, the car has been fueled up with poor quality gasoline, or the fuel pump has stopped working. In all three of these instances, the vehicle will need to be towed and repaired, before it will be able to be driven again. 

The tire on the vehicle goes flat

Tire damage, including blowouts and flats due to loss of air pressure, will make your vehicle suddenly become difficult to steer or drive. Drivers who emerge from their stopped vehicles to find that they have a damaged or flat tire will need four things in order to be able to successfully change the damaged tire and get back on the road, including: 

  • a safe place to park the car while they remove the damaged tire and install the spare
  • the necessary tools to change the tire, including an approved jack and lug removal tool
  • a properly inflated spare tire 
  • the knowledge of how to operate the vehicles's jacking system and install the tire

If any of these conditions are not able to be met, calling a reputable tow truck for assistance is always the best—and safest—option.

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