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Driving Tips To Keep Your Tires In Good Condition Longer

The average set of tires aren't exactly cheap. While a necessary expense for any vehicle owner, spreading out the amount of time in between tire replacement is always helpful. Are you doing your part? The age of a tire isn't the only factor that leads to the need for replacement, but the way you drive your vehicle is an equally important factor. Ensure you're driving with this in mind.

Buy Quality

If you want to keep your tires longer, you need to have this goal in mind when you're purchasing them. If you're simply shopping based on price and looking for the lowest option – you might find yourself disappointed. While you do have to keep your budget in mind, make sure you're leading your search with quality and not price. A quality tire should be from a reputable brand and free of any cuts or nicks, even small ones.

Park with Care

Be mindful of how you park your car. For instance, if you don't have the luxury of a driveway and you have to park your car on the street, parking too close and brushing the tires up against the curb can cause issues. This brushing can cause the tire to puncture and thin out on the side, especially if you're making this mistake every day. Make sure you leave space between your tires and the curb when parking.

Keep Them Clean

Don't forget to keep your tires clean. Some of the chemicals and bacteria found in dirt, mud and ice salt can cause your tires to rot prematurely. The faster you remove these debris, the better. When cleaning your tires, make sure you're not just relying on the water. Take a small scrub brush to also wipe down the tires to ensure everything is cleaned away.  

Get an Alignment

You also want to ensure you're getting an alignment when necessary. An alignment doesn't just afford a smoother ride, but they also ensure more even wear. When your vehicle is not aligned, some of your tires will have to endure a greater level of pressure, causing the tire to wear faster. Not only is this an issue, but one tire that is more worn than the other tires can also cause the other tires to experience accelerated wear, creating a larger problem.

Make sure you're driving with tire car in mind. Not only will you save money, but you will also have a smoother and safer ride. Contact a repair shop, like Collins Service Center, for more help.