best practices when getting a car towed

Getting Your Vehicle Out of Mud and Back On the Road

If your area recently experienced a lot of precipitation and you find your vehicle gets stuck in a muddy area when you head out on the open road, it is likely you will want to free your vehicle promptly so you can head on to your destination. There are a few tricks you can attempt to try in getting your vehicle out of mud.

Rock Your Vehicle to Jar It Loose

If your tires just spin when you push on the gas pedal, placing the vehicle into reverse to see if the tires are able to push their way out of the mud from the opposite direction may be helpful. If this also does not work, switch back to drive and shift the weight of your own body forward as you do so. If you have others in the vehicle with you, ask them to shift their weight forward as well. If you can't plow through the mud and need to go back into reverse again, lean your body back (and have others do the same) to push the weight of the vehicle to the back end as you try to free yourself from the mud. Going back and forth from forward to reverse while leaning in the direction you want to go may be a successful way in getting out of mud.

Use Items Around You to Gain Traction

Since your tires are not gripping solid ground, providing them with a surface more stable than mud will be necessary to get your vehicle out of this situation. Get out of your vehicle and look for dry leaves, large, flat rocks, or pieces of bark to stick underneath the fronts of each of your tires. If you are able to collect enough material, your tires will use these items to gain traction to help push the vehicle to safety. If there are no dry items outdoors, use personal items from the inside of your vehicle instead. These will need to be retrieved after you free your vehicle and are at risk for becoming ruined, so make sure they are not items of extreme importance. Floor mats, paper bags, old books, or pieces of cardboard will work well.

Get A Professional Involved To Avoid Damage

Instead of calling on a friend to try to pull you out of the mud, it is best to allow a professional to do the job. You could put your vehicle at risk of excessive damage, and there is no guarantee you will be able to free the vehicle at all. Instead of wasting time and putting your vehicle in a potentially risky situation, call a towing company like Niemans Service Inc to come to the rescue. They will have the proper tools on-hand to get your vehicle out without causing any type of damage in the process. You can then bring your vehicle to a car wash to remove any accumulated dirt or to a repair shop to have an evaluation for any damage you believe was sustained while trying to free the vehicle from mud.