best practices when getting a car towed

Being Prepared For Possible Vehicle Mishaps On A Vacation

If you are going to be driving your family to a vacation destination in the near future, you are most likely excited about the adventures you will be experiencing together. It is extremely important to make some preparations before your trip starts to protect your family and your vehicle should you get into trouble on the roadway where your vehicle becomes non-driveable. Here are some tips you can use to ensure you remain safe in an area you are not familiar with if you find your vehicle is in need of a tow.

Keep A Supply Kit In Your Vehicle

It is extremely important to have a bag full of items you and your family members will be able to use if you are trapped on a road for several hours waiting for assistance. Granola bars, nuts, or fruit can be easily slipped into a backpack to be placed in your vehicle's trunk. Make sure to have bottled water as well. A flashlight, flares, a white piece of cloth, and a spare cell phone will all be handy items that will aid in getting someone to give you assistance in getting your vehicle back into a working condition.

Look Up Numbers Before Your Trip

Take a look at the route you intend on driving via a map program online. Make notation of landmarks along this route that may be of help if you find yourself with a vehicle that cannot be driven. Knowing an approximate number of miles to a gas station or auto repair shop can be helpful if you need to get out of the vehicle to walk for help. Jot down several towing company numbers you see along your route. This will be helpful if you find yourself in a spot without an online connection to look up the information yourself. A towing company you call may be able to get a hold of a closer service if your vehicle is out of their jurisdiction.

Be Wary Of Others

It is important to put up your guard when it comes to others giving you assistance on the roadway. Someone may try to rob the vehicle, or put your family at risk for harm. For this reason it is best to stay inside of the vehicle when waiting for a tow truck if possible. Keep your window cracked if someone comes near your vehicle to offer assistance. Let anyone who stops by know that authorities were called. This way, the person will not be likely to stick around to cause any type of problem for your family.