best practices when getting a car towed

Been In An Automobile Accident? A Few Important Things To Know About Getting Your Car Back After It Has Been Towed

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, there is a chance that your vehicle is going to need to be towed from the scene. There are a few important things you need to understand about this process if you want to get your car back, or at least your belongings out of it.

Reasons Your Car May be Towed Even Though it is Drivable

If you are not at the scene of the accident, but at a hospital, the police are going to contact a towing company to come get your vehicle. The towing company is going to get your car and store it until the police release it back to you. Sometimes, you may be able to remain at the accident scene, but your auto needs to be investigated further by the police. It will then be towed to the police lot until the investigation is complete. Even though you did not call to have the car towed, you will be responsible for the towing and storage fees. 

Getting Personal Belongings Back

If you are waiting for the insurance company to pay for the towing and storage, or you need to wait a few days until you have the money yourself, you need to contact the towing company and make arrangements to get your personal belongings out of the vehicle. Be sure to take the registration and insurance documents out of the glove box. If the car is impounded by the police, they may or may not allow you to get your belongings. 

Contact the Insurance Company

Even if you have contacted your insurance company about the accident, you will need to call them again after you have the information on your vehicle. If they will be paying the towing and storing fees, find out when you will be able to get your car. If the car needs to go to a repair shop, ask them to have it towed there. If your coverage will not pay for the towing and storing fees, you will need to make arrangements with the towing company yourself to have it towed to a service shop or pick it up yourself. The insurance company may go to the storage yard to determine the extent of the damage. Even if the car is considered a complete loss you are still responsible for the towing and storage fees. Ask the towing company if they will accept the title to the vehicle in lieu what you owe them.

In the best-case scenario, you make the call to have your vehicle towed from the accident scene to a shop of your own choosing and your insurance will pay the bill. However, this is not always the case and you need to know what you can and should do about recovering your belongings. The sooner you get your car out of storage, the less you will have to pay. Call a local towing company, like AC Towing moving, for more information.